Masonry Restoration and Waterproofing Services in Winthrop, MA

Bruno Guerriero Construction in Winthrop, MA

Our team at Bruno Guerriero Construction is happy to provide our expert masonry repair, restoration, and waterproofing services to all residents and businesses of Winthrop, Massachusetts!

Masonry Repair and Restoration Services in Winthrop, MA

Our contractors at Bruno Guerriero Construction provide expert masonry repair and restoration services to all residents and businesses of Winthrop. We have the tools and experience to take on masonry projects of all shapes, sizes, and ages. From pathways to foundations to sea walls, we are masonry experts. We are happy to provide masonry services that can help restore and revitalize your building, custom brick, or stonework. 

Waterproofing Services in Winthrop, MA

The BGC team specializes in a wide range of waterproofing services, from brick chimneys to walkways and driveways, foundations and basements, and more. Keeping moisture and water out of your basement is imperative. To combat the harsh New England weather, BGC uses a  french drain system and sealants to guarantee zero water build-up. The attention to detail our team brings to the table ensures that all of your basement, foundation, and home is protected. Our unique waterproofing solution ensures that everything will remain 100% dry for years.

Sea Wall Restoration Services in Winthrop, MA

The BGC team is who you want to call for sea wall restoration services. It is crucial to monitor your sea wall regularly for detaching, cracking, and any other issues that could lead to further damage. With over thirty years of sea wall restoration experience, our team will restore your seawall to its maximized performance so you no longer have to worry about it. 

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Bruno Guerriero Construction is happy to work with all Winthrop residents and businesses to provide expert masonry restoration and waterproofing services. We have been providing waterproofing and masonry repair services for thirty years! For more information regarding our expert masonry repair and rehabilitation or waterproofing services, give us a call or fill out our online contact form!