Why You Should Waterproof Your Home Before Winter

The winter season comes with a complete package of cold, ice, and snow. Most homeowners are conscious and want to protect their homes from getting cold. They do this by sealing cracks and tightening the doors and window bolts. 

By doing this, the warm air is trapped inside, and the cold air is kept outside. While this is good, waterproofing your home as a homeowner should also be part of your preparation for winter. 

What Does Waterproofing Your Home Mean?

This simply means second lining your home with a second layer of waterproof membrane to eliminate the chance of water entering the house. Most often, waterproofing is done to the house’s basement, but you can also waterproof your house from roof to basement. 

The advantage of waterproofing your home is that it prevents water, moisture, and humidity from seeping in. This means your home is kept dry, clean, and safe.  Without moisture and humidity, harmful molds won’t grow, and the health of your family is more secure. 

Why Should You Waterproof Your Home Before Winter? 

You should waterproof your home before winter because that is probably the best time to do it. Some homeowners waterproof their homes during the construction phase. By the time winter comes, it’s probably too late to waterproof by then. Here are more reasons to waterproof your home before winter.


1. To Protect The House From Moisture And Snowmelt.

Nobody wants winter or after-winter floods. And this mostly happens when the temperature gets a little warmer, and all that snow melts and then seeps inside the house, either through the roof, foundation or basement. 

Moisture or snowmelt escaping inside the house will compromise the temperature of the house, but much more than that, it also could mean you have to mop the excess water draining in. 

It could also mean mold is growing in the house due to humidity caused by excess moisture. To prevent this, you should waterproof your home right before winter and enjoy your winter season in peace. 

2. Strengthens Your Foundation

You should also waterproof your house before winter to protect the foundation of the house. If your home is not waterproof and water escapes into the foundation, it could seriously weaken the foundation of the house and reduce its structural integrity considerably. This would eventually reduce the value of the house too. 

Plus, the cost of repair would be much more than the waterproofing. It is, therefore, wise to waterproof before any issues arise from your failure to do it.

3. Protect The Health Of Your Friends And Family

Not waterproofing your home before winter does not just put your house in danger. It also puts the occupants of the house in health danger too. 


Water and moisture seeping into the house could compromise the health of your family and introduce seasonal health challenges like the common cold, flu, or RSV to them. The effect of humid air in the house could also promote the growth of mold. This could further cause sore throat, coughs, and runny nose to the occupants as allergic reactions. To prevent this, you should waterproof your home before winter and protect your loved ones. 

While it is possible to waterproof your home yourself, It is always better to allow a professional to do the perfect work for you and save you the hassle of spending unnecessary money. If you need a professional waterproofing service, you should call our team at Bruno Guerriero Construction. Give us a call today or fill out our online contact form to learn more, or get started waterproofing today!