Why Waterproof Your Home in the Fall?

Waterproofing one’s home provides a lot of benefits. It keeps the basement dry, paint clean, and prevents mold and mildew growth. It also keeps the home’s structural integrity preserved. Before you waterproof your house, the season of the year is one huge factor to consider. It’s generally accepted: The Fall is the best time to waterproof building structures.

Why is this so? Listed below are five reasons you should waterproof your home in the Fall.

5 Reasons to Waterproof Your Home in The Fall

The Weather is Just Perfect

In Winter, there’s so much melting snow around. Spring comes with its usual showers, and rainstorms love to make an appearance in Summer. Autumn happens to be that time of the year when waterproofing is a great idea. Compared to other seasons, weather conditions are generally fair during Fall.

Fall is a Dry Season

In wet conditions, waterproofing is not the best idea because the chances that the proofing will fail are high. Always ensure the surfaces are dry before waterproofing a building. Fall affords us the driest of seasons hence the best time for waterproofing.

Waterproofing the Exterior During Winter can be Daunting

Waterproofing a building’s plumbing is integral to a waterproof project, especially the pipes that run through the basement. Sometimes, the job has to extend to the exterior. Winter is simply the worst possible time to attempt this. The ground hardens, and the frost tampers with waterproof solvent coating easily. These issues will not arise when you waterproof your home in the Fall.

You Get Things Done Before Holidays Come Around

Trying to commence a waterproofing project is not exactly a dream way to spend the holidays. A move to waterproof your home in the Fall is also perfect if you want the holidays for parties and family only.

It Prepares Your Home for the Incoming Seasons

In Winter, expect that usual freeze-thaw cycle that causes water pooling, especially around the basement of the house. No prior waterproofing can prove to be extremely dangerous to the integrity of that basement.


Winter tests a home’s structure. In areas where snowfall is extreme, house basements with no waterproof may get flooded. Usually, this happens during the warmer parts of Winter when there’s snowmelt. Climate change has even made it worse. The chances of snowmelts are higher, and the danger to non-waterproofed homes also increases. 

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