What To Ask Your Masonry Repair Contractor Before Hiring

Whatever is worth doing at all is worth doing well. This applies to every facet of everyday life. And when it especially comes to things that require a great degree of professional skill, this statement cannot be more accurate. Masonry work often requires the expertise of a seasoned professional, and unfortunately, not all contractors can deliver the same quality of work.

Therefore. When you are looking for a mason to perform a quality job, you need to be on the lookout for specific criteria that will best satisfy your need. And to alleviate this problem, here are some suggested questions to ask your masonry repair contractor before hiring.

1. Certifications

Certification has the dual advantage of telling you how well-trained a contractor is and how diligent they are. Their willingness to get the necessary qualifications to practice their trade shows that any job they undertake will be done with the requisite professionalism required. 

2. What Is the Timeframe Going to Be?

A good masonry contractor should be able to give you a reasonable timeframe in which they would complete the work. They should be able to look at the job and come up with estimates; this shows they have good project management and scheduling skills. But do not blindly choose them just because they give you quick timelines; no contractor can come up with timeframes off the top of his head. A good contractor will ask for all sorts of information and even see the work site before they come up with a realistic timeframe. Many shoddy contractors tend to give optimistic timelines to fool clients into hiring them. 

3. Do You Have Insurance?

You can never go wrong with an insured contractor. It allows you to be sure that they can pay for any unforeseen disasters that may occur while they are working on your home. Ask to see proof of insurance and the type of insurance they possess before hiring them. Also, ensure they have the necessary safety equipment to work on your home.

4. Trustworthy References

This is a crucial step because despite asking the above questions, it is still possible for you to hire poor contractors. Using references lets you gain information about the contractor from friends and families. It also gives you a guarantee of the quality of work they do. With reliable references, the above questions are just a way of confirming what you have heard from their previous clients.

5. Clean-up and Payment Details

Always make sure you ask about clean-up and payment details. These issues have created a lot of viral videos on the internet. Before hiring, always make sure to ask your contractor about their clean-up policies. Specify your payment schedule, like what time and how you will pay. Forgetting to ask this question has led to so many instances of unfinished or low-quality work due to contractors disagreeing with their clients.


These are just a few questions you can ask your masonry repair contractor before hiring. Engage in lengthy discussions on what exactly you want and clarify all the necessary details, like insurance and payment, before the work begins. Make sure you have the agreements on paper or audio with their consent. 


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