Masonry and Waterproofing Services in Weston, MA

Masonry and Waterproofing Services in Weston, Massachusetts

Located in the Boston metro area as a member of Middlesex County, the town of Weston is highly recognized for its status as the wealthiest suburb in the area as well as having the highest per capita income in the state. There is no question that homes and buildings both old and new throughout Weston are beautiful; the brick structures are especially appealing, and we have been proud to help with restorations and the upkeep of this and other stonework. The area is also known for being the site for where several famous architects spend much of their time building extravagant homes. Bruno Guerriero Construction has always felt privileged to work with owners of these homes and contribute to additions to the property through our masonry work.

Masonry Repair and Restoration Services in Weston, MA

The Bruno Guerriero Construction team specializes in masonry installation, repair, and restoration services. We are well-versed in masonry projects of all kinds and materials. We have experience working with masonry of all kinds, from brick walkways to stone patios to historic homes. We have the team and tools necessary to tackle all masonry projects in Weston. We also offer expert masonry waterproofing services to extend the beauty and lifespan of your masonry. 

Waterproofing Services in Weston, MA

Bruno Guerriero Construction uses a unique, state of the art waterproofing process for all home and basement waterproofing needs in Weston. Our waterproofing system allows us to protect your home completely from flooding without the need for heavy machinery. This means our team is able to waterproof confined spaces in Weston as well. If you notice signs of water getting into your home or basement, be sure to reach out to learn more about our expert home and basement waterproofing services. 

French Drain Installation in Weston, MA

French drains are on of the most popular and trusted waterproofing systems available, especially when you work with the experts at Bruno Guerriero Construction for installation services. We customize your French drain systems based on your home and your needs. If your basement is being affected by water or flooding, we recommend looking into French drain installation services! 

Bruno Guerriero Construction

BGC looks forward to working with Weston residents and businesses to provide expert home waterproofing and masonry services. If you live in the Weston area and you require mason contracting or waterproofing services, give us a call today or fill out our online contact form!