Masonry & Waterproofing Services in West Roxbury, MA

At Bruno Guerriero Construction, our team is proud to provide the neighborhood of West Roxbury with our masonry & waterproofing services. West Roxbury is a Boston neighborhood that is home to about 30,000 residents. It’s bordered by Roslindale, Hyde Park, Newton, Brookline & Dedham. West Roxbury grew with an influx of Irish immigrants and has since grown into a diverse and beautiful community. The historic neighborhood has tons of brick that our team can repair. Contact us in West Roxbury to learn more today.

Masonry Services in West Roxbury, MA

One of our tops services at Bruno Guerriero Construction is masonry. We cover every aspect of masonry and work with a huge variety of materials. Our team at BGC can help rebuild or repair staircases, walkways, patios & more. We work primarily with brick and stone but also work with pavers, bluestone & more. We can also build a retaining wall to keep your yard landscaped beautifully. BGC specializes in making the outside of your home as elegant as the interior. Contact our team in West Roxbury to learn more today.

masonry restoration

Basement & Foundation Waterproofing in West Roxbury, MA

Your home’s basement and foundation must stay dry to keep your home protected from moisture and stay safe and standing for a long time. Water damage is the number one threat that your basement and foundation face and Bruno Guerriero Construction can help protect them. Our waterproofing techniques are proven and trusted. We’ve helped residents of Boston and Greater Boston for almost three decades. 

We can tackle the difficult projects that other masonry contractors may shy away from. With our experience we can excavate the area and waterproof it completely ensuring that water can’t cause issues in the space again. Our team at BGC has a solution for any issue from brick repointing to restoration & more. 

Our waterproofing services extend to brick as well. We can ensure that your brownstone or brick walkway lasts long and isn’t bothered by New England weather. Mortar can become weak over time but our team’s solution can remedy them and keep your brick looking fresh and neat.


Bruno Guerriero Construction in West Roxbury, MA

Contact our team at Bruno Guerriero Construction in West Roxbury to learn more about masonry and waterproofing services. We’re ready to make your home safe, secure, and beautiful. You can reach us at 1-800-444-5476.