Our Waterproofing Process

We at BGC pride ourselves on our state of the art waterproofing systems. We are one of the only companies locally that provide full foundation waterproofing without major machinery involved. This allows us to work in a tight, confined area without a massive disruption to the surrounding landscape. This is extremely effective but requires a willingness to hand excavate areas that most, if not all, competitors are unwilling to undertake.

Once excavated, our two-step waterproofing solution assures that your foundation will remain 100% dry for the foreseeable future. We also provide interior basement wall treatments from complete re-pointing and masonry restoration to interior waterproofing solutions when outside excavation is not possible. Additionally, we offer to build facade waterproofing and masonry restoration from the complete pointing of facades to the highest waterproofing solutions on the market.

Basement & Foundations Waterproofing

In order to keep your basement water-free, we will install a waterproofing system to keep water away from your floor and apply a sealant to your basement and foundation. The space left between the foundation and excavation site will be packed with a stable filler to prevent water permeation. Making sure each wall and the floor of your basement is waterproofed will keep the structure’s integrity intact, preventing problems from developing that can lead to foundation cracking and repairs.

Brick Waterproofing

Whether your home is made of bricks or you have a brick walkway or patio, it will require regular maintenance to preserve each joint. Over time, the mortar holding the bricks together may erode and develop entry points for water. Applying sealant and regularly inspecting for hairline cracks and chips will prevent water from entering your home and leaks from forming.

Full Building & Foundation Waterproofing Services in Boston, MA

If you are in a brick or stone home or business in the Boston, MA area and are interested in preventing structural failure through waterproofing, Bruno Guerriero Construction can help!

We will evaluate your structure and determine weak points that need attention based on location, average exposure and the age of the building. We have strong relations with our clients and have continued to do work in places like Brookline, Cambridge, Somerville, Needham, Newton, Watertown, and more!

Complete Masonry & Waterproofing Contractor in Boston, Newton, Brookline, & Cambridge

If you are in need of professional masonry repairs that can help restore and revitalize your building or custom brick or stonework, contact Bruno Guerriero Construction today! If your building or home is in need of our many waterproofing solutions, Call today for a free estimate, contact Bruno Guerriero Construction by calling (800) 444-5476 or by filling out our online contact form.