Masonry & Waterproofing Services in Waltham, MA

Bruno Guerriero Construction is glad to offer our high-quality waterproofing and masonry services to Waltham residents. Waltham, MA is a Middlesex County city that is home to about 62,000 residents today. When Waltham was first founded, it was a significant player in the early American revolution. Today it’s still an economic hub with tons of different tech companies, manufacturing, and more. Waltham is just outside of Boston but has a rich history of its own. We love helping Waltham residents with our services. There are tons of brick buildings and older architecture that our team can help with; read below to learn more.

Basement & Foundation Waterproofing in Waltham, MA

At Bruno Guerriero Construction, our team specializes in keeping homes dry. We offer waterproofing for your entire home to help keep your masonry, basement, and foundation all dry. It’s so crucial to protect your investment with proper drainage and waterproofing s your home isn’t compromised. Waterproofing can often become an issue of safety; that’s why it’s so important to work with experienced waterproofing contractors. Whenever a structure is made of brick, cement, or stone, it can be prone to water damage with the proper waterproofing; we ensure that your structure will last longer through Waltham’s harsh climate.

We can ensure that your new set of steps is properly sealed so that they’re unaffected by wet stormy weather, or even snow in the winter. 

Contact Bruno Guerriero Construction today to learn more about the french drains, sump pumps, and other techniques we utilize to keep your home dry and safe. 

Masonry Services in Waltham, MA

Other top services that our team at Bruno Guerriero Construction in Brighton offers are basement and foundation waterproofing. These areas of your home are prone to damage when it rains and snows, especially when large snowbanks and against your home. It’s quite common for water to leak into basements and the more water, the faster the issues can escalate. Your basement and more importantly your foundation is crucial in the structural integrity of your home. Our team has been in business for over 25 years, so we’ve seen just about every situation imaginable when it comes to foundations and basements. Contact us in Brighton today to learn more about our basement and foundation waterproofing services.

Bruno Guerriero Construction in Waltham, MA

Contact Bruno Guerriero Construction today in Waltham if you’re in need of a professional waterproofing contractor that will protect your home’s foundation. Reach out to our team for an inspection from our highly skilled and experienced team.