Tips for Keeping Your Foundation Dry

Your home’s foundation is central to the stability of your home and it mustn’t be compromised. A foundation that is taking in water has the potential to create problems for your home and cost you if it is not addressed. Leaky pipes and incorrectly positioned gutters can be sources that allow water to seep into your foundation. A dry foundation is a stable foundation. Here’s a quick look at some useful tips for keeping your foundation dry.

Keep Gutters and Downspouts Away From Foundation and Clear

Gutters and downspouts are important elements that help to keep water away from a home’s foundation, but if they are too close to the foundation itself, big problems could arise. When installing your gutters and downspouts, buried or extended, keep them at a minimum distance of ten feet, which allows water to be discharged at an adequate distance from the structure’s foundation wall. Ten feet away, the soil is more compact and not easily prone to saturation and erosion. Furthermore, routine gutter cleaning is essential to prevent blockage that could send water spilling over the gutters and onto your foundation where it can do damage.

Avoid Negative Grade Near the Foundation

Negative grade soil slopes towards the structure and pushes water directly onto the foundation and not away. Repeated accumulation of water at the foundation wall and its recession leads to hydrostatic pressure causing structural problems, like cracks and bowing in the foundation walls. The addition of soil around the foundation can help to create a positive slope that extends a minimum of 6 feet away from the structure’s foundation. 

Repair Foundation Cracks

Excess water is one of the common causes of foundation cracks, but keep in mind that foundation cracks aren’t direct indicators of serious foundation issues. Repairing foundation cracks hinders water infiltration, which if left unaddressed can morph into major home damage. 

If you are experiencing an active leak urethanes can be used for waterproofing by sealing cracks where water is found, but not tackling structural problems or strengthening a foundation.

Maintain Your Sump Pumps

Another useful tip is ensuring that your sump pump is properly maintained. Sump pumps are beneficial in getting water out and keeping it away from a structure. You should conduct regular maintenance checks of your pumps to ensure they are functioning at optimal levels. Ensure that you have a battery backup installed for instances of a power outage to keep water out and away from your foundation. To prevent damage to your foundation, bury the sump pump discharges roughly 10 feet away from the foundation.

Bruno Guerriero Construction can keep your home dry after heavy rain and your foundation protected. Call our professionals to inspect your foundation and provide the best solution to keep your foundation dry. Reach out today and let our skilled team provide you will reliable service.