The Most Common Causes of Masonry Damage

Masonry is one of the fantastic building techniques and technologies we have today. Masonry does not just make our houses and structures more beautiful; it is also used to add strength, durability, fire resistance, soundproofing, and thermal mass to a building. Yes, masonry is very strong, durable, and powerful, but does that mean it does not get damaged? Definitely not. 

Nothing lasts forever, not even masonry. No matter how strong masonry is, it can get damaged, and there are some things that especially cause masonry to get damaged faster. You need to keep an eye out for these things because it’s bad news for your masonry when they are around. So, what are the most common causes of masonry damage? Let’s find out!

What Causes Damage To Masonry?

  • Moisture

People tend to underestimate how powerful and destructive moisture is, and that’s a shame because moisture can do a lot of damage; in fact, moisture is one of the biggest threats to any masonry structure.

Masonry exposed to water or any other moisture is doomed to get damaged sooner or later. The moisture leaking or seeping into the masonry weakens it, and when it eventually freezes and thaws, it causes pressure on the entire structure. And when moisture comes for your masonry, all your woodwork, metalwork, and other building materials are in danger as well.

  • Cracking

Cracking is another big issue with masonry. The worst thing about cracks is that they damage your masonry and leave it exposed for other things to damage. Cracking is caused by many things, but a common one is moisture penetration; we have already talked about that. Cracks can also happen when the mortar they are made from is poorly prepared. Maybe this is a little extreme, but natural disasters, like tremors and earthquakes, can also damage masonry and cause it to crack.

  • Stains

When it comes to the exterior of masonry, nothing is a more annoying problem than stains. It ruins your curb appeal and the beauty of your perfectly lined masonry. Many things cause staining, but the two most common are water or moisture seepage and aging. Moisture seepage is a two-in-one problem. It stains and then does its damage.  Aging wears the masonry, especially the color, and reduces the beauty.

  • Bond Failure

Masonry is only as strong as the adhesion that sticks it together. But things can start to fall apart literally when the bond gets weakened. Bond failure can cause a lot of different kinds of damage to your masonry, like causing it to bulge or peel. It can also cause hollow patches and flaking top layers.

  • Displacement

Displacement is just how it sounds. It’s when your masonry gets shifted, and it causes instability. It is usually caused by corrosion of steel systems, inadequate anchors for lateral support, and freezing/thawing of bricks.

  • Spalling

Spalling is when your bricks start to fall off the wall. It is a huge structural problem caused by moisture penetration, freezing, and thawing over a long period. It’s probably the worst thing that can happen to a masonry wall, right?


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