Masonry and Waterproofing Services in Somerville MA

Our team at Bruno Guerriero Construction is proud to serve the city of Somerville with our waterproofing and masonry services. Somerville is a large city located northwest of Boston with a population of about 82,000. It’s the most densely populated city in the state and a hub for arts, education, and culture. Somerville was incorporated in 1842 but played a very important role in early American history. It’s got many diverse and unique neighborhoods that give Somerville tremendous character. Being historical, it has a lot of brick and older stonework. Contact our team at Bruno Guerriero today to learn more about our masonry services in Somerville, MA.

Masonry Services in Somerville, MA

At Bruno Guerriero Construction, masonry is one of our team’s top services. We offer a host of masonry services from brick and stone repair to even building new stairs and patios. We’ve worked extensively in Somerville throughout our company’s history, completing projects of all kinds throughout the neighborhoods of Somerville. 

We offer brick repairs, mortar repair, stone pointing, and more. With over 25 years of experience, we can find the perfect solution for your residence. Beyond brick, we work with stones, pavers, and more to meet the needs of each person we work with. If your brownstone building needs to be repaired, contact Bruno Guerriero Construction in Somerville to get started today.

Waterproofing Services in Somerville, MA

A couple of our other top services at Bruno Guerriero Construction are our basement and foundation waterproofing services. It’s essential to keep these spaces in your home dry to maintain the structural integrity of your home. Dampness and moisture will always be problematic, especially when it’s able to fester. Waterproofing helps you prepare for finishing a basement. It gives you confidence because your home is strong and sturdy. 

You need a foundation to keep the rest of your home protected and avoid sagging. Water can create dangerous mildew and mold that can cause harm. With our masonry skills, we can help make necessary repairs to make sure your foundation doesn’t let you down in the future. Contact our team at Bruno Guerriero Construction today to learn more about our waterproofing and foundation repair services.

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Our team at Bruno Guerriero Construction is proud to serve residents of Somerville with our area leading masonry and waterproofing services. We can help return your Somerville home to its former glory. Reach out to us at 1-800-444-5476 or using our contact form