Signs Your Foundation Needs Repair

When you move into a home, one of the last issues you expect is a cracked or crumbling foundation. These issues can seem like they’re happening out of the blue but may begin exhibiting signs before a replacement is required. Having your foundation assessed by a professional. If your home begins to show any of the following signs of damage, contact a masonry professional for an inspection and repair.

Your Floors Are Beginning to Angle or Sink

Are you beginning to get the sense that your floors are tilted? This could be a sign of a sinking foundation.  If your floors are beginning to slope, you will need the help of a contractor to restore your home to a proper, straight line. Visible sinking is another sign that your foundation is experiencing serious problems that will need to be repaired as quickly as possible.

Doors & Windows Will Not Work Correctly

You may begin to notice difficulties getting your doors and windows to open and close fully. They may begin to jam partway or dislodge from the track, not matching their designated spot. This can occur due to sloping in your foundation and be indicative of a larger problem with your home’s structure.

Decorations Will Not Stay in Place

Items may begin sliding off of your shelves if your floors are beginning to show signs of instability. If your home has wallpaper or borders, they may begin to tear or wrinkle as the wall begins to slope at a lower angle. The carpet may buckle due to the new angle, leaving loose patches around your floor.

Masonry & Foundation Repair in Boston, Cambridge & Newton, MA

If your home is beginning to show signs of foundation problems, contact Bruno Guerriero Construction today. We will go to your home, examine your foundation and conduct any necessary repairs or waterproofing work to ensure the building is safe for you and your family. Bruno Guerriero Construction can be reached by calling (800) 444-5476 or by filling out our online contact form.