Signs Your Basement Has Water Damage

They say a house is only as strong as its foundation but what if you don’t know how strong your foundation is? A common unfortunate problem that houses run into is flooring and structural damage to basements and foundation. When this happens, it’s important to resolve the issue as quickly as possible to ensure there are not larger, more costly issues in your future. Check out these tips on different signs your house might have water damage.


Color/Texture Changes

If your basement is finished, signs of discoloration or texture change may be due to water damage. (water stains commonly are shown by either a yellow or brown stain) If your basement is unfinished, look for a white, salty substance that may appear on walls called efflorescence. This will give you an indication of how high water has risen. Another common place to look is underneath your flooring, if your basement is finished, as it may be slightly spongy indicating it is soaking up water.



Cracking can occur on both the inside and outside of your house. It will usually appear on either the interior walls or flooring on the inside and the exterior walls if outside. This can happen due to an excessive amount of moisture being present, most likely from weather/climate or an inefficient/inadequate drainage system surrounding your home. If your basement has windows or doors, pay attention to those as well as they could have cracks from water damage.


No one ever said your basement should smell like a bundle of roses but be wary of a strong damp and musty smell. The key sign is noticing this smell over and over again even after storms have come and gone. It is most likely the result of mold or mildew growth due to an increase in moisture or water damage.


Sometimes mold can be very easy to spot and other times it can be more difficult. Always check the corners of your basement for mold as it could be directly related to water damage. You are also going to want to check any furniture you may have to lay around, organic materials, walls and any other surfaces for a dark green or black color. (it can also appear white from time to time)

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