Signs of a Faulty Foundation

The thought of something being wrong with the foundation of your home is nerve-wracking to say the least. What’s wrong? How much will it cost to fix it? Is there even something wrong? If you’ve been asking yourself these questions, you’re in good company with millions of other homeowners! Before you panic, look for these telltale signs of a faulty foundation. 

Difficult Windows and Doors 

A window or door that’s becoming increasingly hard to open and close could be a sign that the hinge needs to be lubricated or it’s time for new windows, but it could be a sign of a much larger issue. Try applying some lubricating spray to the affected door or window and see if the problem is fixed. If the problem persists or gets worse, your foundation could be to blame. A faulty foundation will move overtime, causing your windows and doors to no longer line up the way they once did. Eventually, your doors or windows can become jammed to the point they can no longer be used. 

Slanted Floors  

If your floors don’t feel level, investigate further using a level. Place the level on different areas of the floor to see if it tends to slant one way. Uneven floors are a telltale sign that your foundation has shifted and the floor is moving along with it. Slanted floors are a more advanced sign of foundation issues, so contact a professional ASAP

Moldy or Musty Basement 

There’s a common misconception that all unfinished basements are musty. If your basement is holding excess moisture, your foundation could be the culprit. Look around the walls of the basement for signs of cracking or mold growth. If there’s a crack in the foundation, moisture will make its way into your basement with ease. This can lead to dangerous mold growth and expensive water damage. 

Cracks on the Walls

Cracks on the walls on the main level of the home are a bad sign too. While small cracks are normal as the outside temperatures fluctuate and affect the drywall, a crack that’s growing in size is typically related to a foundation issue. Measure any cracks you see and then measure again in a month. If the crack has gotten bigger or started to extend at a 45-degree angle, it’s safe to assume your foundation is faulty. 

The average homeowner doesn’t have the tools or knowledge to diagnose or correct a faulty foundation. If you suspect your foundation is having issues, contact Bruno Guerriero Construction today! Our team can help inspect, diagnose, and repair a faulty foundation before more damage occurs to the home. Schedule your consultation to learn more about the services we offer and get a price estimate for your foundation repair.