About Our Masonry Services

Do you have an old brick facade or brownstone building that’s in need of a face-lift or need some professional custom stone or brickwork? Does your foundation need repair or waterproofing? If you are looking for long-lasting masonry waterproofing or restoration work done on your home or building, contact Bruno Guerriero Construction for masonry repairs in the Boston area! We will work closely with you to customize your specific needs and help resolve all your issues. Some of the masonry services we specialize in include the following:

Pathways, Stairs, Walls and Patios

Whether you have an existing stone wall brick or stone pathway patio or stairs in need of repairs or are looking to add a new one the team at Bruno Guerriero Construction can help bring your space to life.

Foundation and Basement Repairs

Your foundation is the most important aspect to the structure, and the building can become vulnerable if it’s cracked or leaking. Bruno Guerriero Construction offers complete foundation repairs and waterproof solutions to help secure structure and prevent dangerous water infiltration that can create mold.

Waterproofing Services

The Massachusetts coastline is a prime place for drastic weather, from heavy snow all winter to torrential rain in the spring and summer. If your home or business is made of stone, making sure your structure is properly equipped to handle additional moisture is key to avoiding instability over time

Complete Masonry & Waterproofing Contractor in Boston, Newton, Brookline, & Cambridge

If you are in need of professional masonry repairs that can help restore and revitalize your building or custom brick or stonework, contact Bruno Guerriero Construction today! If your building or home is in need of our many waterproofing solutions, Call today for a free estimate, contact Bruno Guerriero Construction by calling (800) 444-5476 or by filling out our online contact form.