Masonry & Waterproofing Services in Roslindale, MA

Bruno Guerriero Construction is glad to help Roslindale residents with our waterproofing and masonry repair services. Roslindale is a Boston neighborhood that is bordered by West Roxbury, Jamaica Plain, Hyde Park & Mattapan. The area is known for its diversity as well as the bustling arts and restaurant scene. Roslindale is a historic community that is becoming more popular for Bostonians of all walks of life. The community is home to about 38,000 residents, making it a substantial part of Boston and one of the communities we work in most often. Read more below about our waterproofing and repair services in Roslindale, MA.

Basement & Foundation Waterproofing in Roslindale, MA

Your home is probably the most important asset that you own, and keeping it dry should be a priority for anyone. When water is allowed to enter your basement or come in contact with your foundation, it can be extremely troublesome and unsafe. It’s no easy task to tackle moisture problems in a foundation or basement, but Bruno Guerriero Construction has got you covered in Roslindale and the rest of the city. 

Once you begin to see signs of water damage, call our professionals; the quicker we can act, the more damage that we can mitigate when returning your home to normal. 

Our team at Bruno Guerriero won’t upset your property while making waterproofing fixes, either. We don’t use heavy machinery but careful and time-tested techniques to return your home to normal. Contact Bruno Guerriero Construction in Roslindale today for a free quote. 

Masonry Services in Roslindale, MA

Bruno Guerriero Construction also provides Roslindale residents with our top-class masonry services. Masonry and hardscaping involve any non-living elements of your landscaping and yard like steps, walkways, and more. They add a ton to the aesthetic of your property and also the functionality. Boston weather can take quite a toll on brick and concrete, especially without regular maintenance to prevent cracks and irregularities. Our masonry services include brick and mortar repair, stone pointing, step repair & more. No matter what your masonry needs are, our team at Bruno Guerriero Construction can help.

Bruno Guerriero Construction in Roslindale, MA

Our team at Bruno Guerriero Construction, we’ve got generations of experience helping Boston area residents with our waterproofing and masonry services. It takes an expert to keep a home safe when challenged with foundation issues, but we can provide you with peace of mind. Reach out to our team today to request a quote.