Preparing Your Stonework for Winter

Nor’easter season is quickly approaching, with rain, snow and freezing temperatures on the horizon. Rapidly changing temperatures and excess moisture can lead to damage and a decrease in stability in your stonework, including walkways, driveways and walls. Making sure your masonry is prepared for a long, difficult winter is critical to preventing cracks and water damage.

Check Your Masonry for Cracks

Perform periodic checks for cracks forming in your stones or sealants. If cracks are present throughout your stones, you will need the structure to undergo repairs by a professional masonry contractor to make sure it is done correctly. If the area is beyond repair, you should consider having it replaced come spring. However, getting the cracks filled and leveled will help protect your vehicles and reduce the risk of tripping throughout the winter.

How is Your Driveway Draining?

A well-constructed driveway will not allow water to pool around the asphalt and should drain water away from the area. Standing water may lead to erosion, divots and holes, as well as further division if the driveway is already cracked. If a drainage system is not already in place, a contractor will be able to install one in order to protect your driveway from water damage. While performing repairs, a contractor will be able to completely seal and waterproof your stonework, allowing you to use your driveway, walkway or steps without the threat of damage for years to come.

Examine Snow Removal Equipment

Before the snow hits, examine your shovels for signs of chips, rust or cracks. Direct exposure to low temperatures and precipitation can leave the stone prone to chips and cracks. If your shovels or other snow removal equipment are showing signs of damage, that can have a negative effect on your driveway. If you have doubts about your existing equipment, it might be best to replace your shovels before the winter begins to avoid causing problems in your masonry work.

Stone Waterproofing & Repair in Medford, Cambridge & Boston, MA

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