Masonry and Waterproofing Services in Norwood, MA

Norwood is a town that is located within Norfolk County, Massachusetts that is part of the larger Greater Boston area. Norwood gets it’s name from a town in England and is located along the Neponset River. One of the notable features of Norwood is the business district in the town known as the Automile, which was popularized by car salesman Ernie Boch. Norwood is a great community for adults and children, with many of it’s homeowners having families.
Our team at Bruno Guerriero Construction serves Norwood residents with our masonry repair and restoration services. We also offer our waterproofing services to Norwood. Homes located near the Neponset River can be prone to flooding during storms, so our team has worked here often to help protect homes and their owners from water damage. Our services can help beautify your home or return it to its former beauty. Reach out to our team today if you’re a Norwood resident in need of our masonry services.

Masonry Services in Norwood, MA

Whether you’re in need of a set of stone steps, a patio, walkway, or more, our team at Bruno Guerriero Construction can assist. We can also help you with masonry repairs of any kind. Patios can add character and curb appeal to your home, plus a great place to entertain guests and enjoy meals together. Walkways and steps add an element of design to your outdoor space while also being functional. We custom build retaining walls, patios, walkways, and more. Reach out to our team at Bruno Guerrriero Construction today to get started.

Foundation Repair

Your home’s foundation is critical to the safety of your home’s structure and everything in it, including you! Our team is equipped to repair and foundations and basement walls so you no longer have to worry about troublesome leaks causing damage to your home and putting you in danger.

Waterproofing Services in Norwood, MA

When it comes to your basement and foundation, the main danger is water. Water can get into your basement and foundation and cause erosion and decay that leads to your home becoming unsafe. When moisture is allowed to leak into your basement and foundation, it creates mold, which is harmful for humans and pets to be breathing in and ruins any possessions that you have stored in your basement. 

Brick Waterproofing

Structures made of brick such as steps, walkways, retaining walls, and more require regular maintenance to keep them waterproof. Careful inspection must be taken to ensure that there aren’t any cracks or signs of erosion that can lead to more major damage down the line. No matter what type of brick structure you have, our team at Bruno Guerriero Construction can repair it and make it waterproof. 

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If you’re a Norwood resident interested in any of our teams masonry or waterproofing services, contact us today. You can reach out team at 1 (800) 444-5476 or using our contact form.