Masonry and Waterproofing Services in Newton MA

Our team at Bruno Guerriero Construction is proud to serve the city of Newton with our masonry and waterproofing services. Located less than ten miles from Boston, the city of Newton, MA, is a predominantly suburban area that is actually comprised of thirteen different villages. Newton itself is a popular location for those who work in downtown Boston but want to live just outside the area and still maintain an easy commute. Newton has also repeatedly been considered one of the most ideal areas to reside, even ranked by Money magazine as the fourth best small city among places to live in America. It’s a diverse city that’s made up of 13 villages, including Newton Upper Falls, Chestnut Hill, Auburndale & more. Newton is home to about 86,000 residents throughout 35,000 households. There are many brick homes and tons of masonry in need of repair in Newton. Contact us today to get started.

Bruno Guerriero Construction in Newton, MA 

Bruno Guerriero Construction truly enjoys working in Newton; the area is full of beautiful, historic buildings that we provide our restoration services to, and often complete custom stonework, chimney repairs and more to further improve the already impressive appearance of the city.

Although Newton is filled with beautiful historic buildings that help give the area a welcoming feel, it also means they are old and may be in need of waterproofing. Whether you need basement or foundation waterproofing, Bruno Guerriero Construction can get the job done!

Masonry Services in Newton, MA

Masonry is a great way to add personality to your home’s outdoor space along with making it more functional. Brick and stone can build beautiful pathways, stairs, walls, & patios to make your space more comfortable. We’ve restored and repaired many sets of stairs and walkways in Newton and given them new life. We’re experts when it comes to brick, stone, and any time of hardscaping. Contact Bruno Guerriero today, your expert mason in Newton.

Waterproofing Services in Newton, MA

Water can cause a lot of damage to a home, especially over time. Water leaking into your basement will eventually make your foundation vulnerable and leave your home dangerous to inhabit. Our team uses a french drain system to help keep basements waterproof. We also don’t forget about waterproofing outdoors. Water breaks down stone and brick too, without proper maintenance. Call our team to learn more about our waterproofing services. 

Bruno Guerriero Construction

If you are located in Newton or the surrounding area, contact Bruno Guerriero for an estimate by calling (800)444-5476 or by filling out our online contact form.