Masonry Repair, Restoration, and Waterproofing Services in Nahant

Residential and Commercial Masonry and Waterproofing Services in Nahant, Massachusetts

 Bruno Guerriero Construction provides an array of masonry, repair, restoration, and waterproofing services for the residents and businesses of Nahant, Massachusetts

Masonry, Repair, and Restoration Services in Nahant, MA

 Bruno Guerriero Construction specializes in an array of masonry construction restoration services. Our expert team of masonry contractors has experience in masonry of all kinds. If you want to install masonry at your home or business, we are the team to call! From stone stairs to brick walkways, we have experience with masonry projects of all kinds and sizes. 


BGC provides expert masonry repair and restoration services. We are able to provide masonry restoration services on historic homes, maintaining the history and structure of your original masonry. Our experienced masonry contractors will revitalize your home’s custom masonry with our extensive repair and restoration services.

Masonry Waterproofing Services in Nahant, MA

Waterproofing your masonry will preserve its beauty and extend its lifespan, minimizing any potential water damage. We provide expert masonry waterproofing services for brick and masonry homes, walkways, steps, and more. 

Full Building, Basement, and Foundation Waterproofing Services in Nahant, MA

Bruno Guerriero Construction offers a state of the art waterproofing system for the homes and businesses of Nahant. It is crucial for Nahant homes and businesses to be fully protected from water enerting from the outside, especially as a coastal town! We are one of few waterproofing experts to offer a waterproofing service with minimal machinery disruption while providing maximum efficiency. This enables our team to work in smaller, confined spaces to provide expert waterproofing, that most other companies are not able to work in. 

French Drain Installation in Nahant, MA

For those homes or businesses in Nahant suffering from water entering their basement, ultimately calling damage to their foundations, BGC recommends a French drain installation by our expert team. French drains installation is customized to your home and needs, guaranteeing your basement and foundation stay drt and safe. 

Sea Wall Restoration Services in Nahant, MA

BGC is proud to provide expert sea wall repair and restoration services for the coastal homes and business fronts in Nahant. If you notice any cracks, shrinking, detaching, or any other issues arising with your sea wall, be sure to contact our expert restoration team ASAP.

Bruno Guerriero Construction Inc.

Bruno Guerriero Construction Inc. is proud to provide our expert masonry, restoration, waterproofing, and sea wall repair services to the residents and business fronts of Nahant, Massachusetts. For more information regarding our services, be sure to give us a call today or fill out our online contact form