Masonry Projects to Boost Your Curb Appeal

As you relax in your yard this summer, you may be considering some home improvement projects to improve your space and increase your property value. Masonry work can help increase your enjoyment of your yard while boosting your curb appeal. Popular summer projects include the following.

Stone Repointing

After some time, the layer of mortar between the bricks of your current stonework may have eroded, leaving a dull appearance and allowing water to enter the piece between the stones. This can cause further erosion and destruction. Repointing stones is a quick process that will leave your existing driveway, walkway or patio looking brand new!


In warmer months, it is not unusual for the socialization of the kitchen to move outdoors, and a patio sets up the perfect spot! Patios are easily customizable to your aesthetic, from the types of stones used, the pattern they are laid in and the decorations after installation is complete. A patio opens up all kinds of doors for your outdoor relaxation, from nightly cookouts to bonfires.

Fire Pits

Looking for a safe way to hold the perfect backyard bonfire? A stone fire pit will contain the coals and kindling used to start the fire, eliminating the dangers of starting a flame on bare grass. You’ll be able to relax, roast marshmallows and cook from the comfort of your own yard whenever you’d like.

Masonry Construction & Repair in Boston, Cambridge & Newton, MA

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