Masonry Chimney Repair

When the cold weather packs its bags and the warm sets in, people think less and less about their fireplace and chimney. Unfortunately, although winter tends to be the hardest on chimneys, spring and summer can also cause some damage. The time will come for you to get some masonry chimney repairs done.

What Qualifies as a Masonry Chimney?

A masonry chimney is what it sounds like a chimney made of stone. A few different kinds of masonry chimneys exist, but it is typically evident that siding or another building material does not cover it. Some typical masonry chimneys include stone, brick, and cement blocks. These chimneys are created on-site, not developed in a factory, and transported for installation. They require some craftmanship and expert knowledge in both building and repairing. 

How Do You Know You Need a Masonry Chimney Repair?

Although all kinds of chimneys can indeed require repair over time, it is essential to know what to look for in case of damage. If you address damages early on, the repairs will be far more straightforward and less costly than if you let damage go unrepaired. Many homeowners notice damages by sight. Look out for the following key indicators for masonry chimney damage:

  • Stray chimney brick or stone in yard or on roof
  • Loose pieces
  • Mortar appears sandy, has cracks, or is crumbling
  • Noticeable cracks between the bricks
  • The brick’s face is separated from the rest of the brick (spalling)

A quick look at your masonry chimney can tell you if you need to contact a chimney repair professional. Although it can be challenging to determine the extent of the damage without the express knowledge of chimneys, a professional can help you determine your repair needs. 

What are the Most Common Repair Needs?

A handful of issues are especially common with masonry chimneys, cracks being one of them. If homeowners address cracks quickly, the repair is straightforward. However, if you fail to repair the cracks within a reasonable time, you may need to have the chimney torn down and rebuilt.

Damaged bricks and mortar are another common repair need for masonry chimneys. When bricks and mortar have been damaged, the chimney will allow water to enter. Replacing the damaged bricks should alleviate the problem. When the mortar is significantly damaged, repointing is necessary. Repointing is the application of new mortar. 

Correcting a lean is another repair that is considered standard. A professional should immediately fix a leaning chimney to prevent extra stress placed in locations it should not be. The lean can cause tears in the internal lining, resulting in smoke entering the upper stories of the home. 

Who Can Repair Your Chimney?

Fortunately for you, Bruno Guerriero Construction Inc. offers expert masonry repair and restoration services. Scheduling service can be quick and straightforward when you require a chimney repair. Trust BGC to fix your masonry chimney the right way the first time around! Give us a call today or fill out our online contact form.