Masonry and Waterproofing Services in Cambridge MA

Located in Middlesex County directly outside of Boston, the city of Cambridge, Massachusetts is a beautiful area that sits right along the Charles River.  Cambridge is known throughout the world for its prestigious academic institutions. MIT and Harvard University bring many residents, both students and staff alike. Cambridge’s unique location right outside the city makes it perfect for those who want to experience the city without actually living in it. The average commute only takes between 20-30 minutes even during peak traffic hours.

Things to do in Cambridge, MA

Some fun things to do in the Cambridge area visit the Garment District where you get a taste of New York and their clothing options but at a much more reasonably price. Residents also like to partake in the West Indian Carnival, which comes to town every September as folks celebrate the Carribean culture with tropical dances and food. It may only be fifty degrees but that doesn’t stop the city from having a great time!

Bruno Guerriero Construction in Cambridge, MA

Bruno Guerriero Construction is proud to offer our services to the residents of Cambridge, MA. Our crew travels throughout the Greater Boston area and into Cambridge quite often; we have assisted with new real estate development projects for brick and stonework as well as masonry contracting and have also enjoyed providing owners of browstones and other properties with restoration services. 

Bruno Guerriero Construction

If you are in need of masonry contracting or waterproofing, give us a call at (800) 444-5476.