Important Basement Waterproofing Tips

No matter what condition your basement is in, you certainly don’t want to deal with flooding and water damage on the lowermost level of your home. Even completely unfinished basements can fall victim to mold infestations and wood rot that ultimately impact the integrity of an entire house. If you are under the impression that warm weather rain is the biggest water damage threat, you are mistaken. In reality, winter is the worst season for basement water damage. As you continue reading here, you will find several important basement waterproofing tips. 

Start the waterproofing process early

Waiting until cold weather and precipitation have already set-in to start thinking about waterproofing your basement is a bad idea. Instead, if you know that you are interested in having this done, you should call a reputable local contractor at the end of summer or the beginning of fall. This way, you can get on his or her calendar as early as possible since many contractors don’t work as much in the wintertime. Furthermore, the earlier in the year you get your basement waterproofed, the less likely it is that you will have to deal with any moisture problems. 

Create snow piles away from your house

Although it can be tempting to keep snow piles out of the way by shoveling them directly against your home’s exterior walls, it’s not a smart decision. Snow piles are, in reality, nothing more than water that can cause serious problems. If, for instance, the snow freezes and thaws once or twice before it completely melts, it could begin seeping into your basement or weaken the foundation of your house. Neither of these are issues you want to find yourself dealing with!

Have your gutters inspected in the fall 

Improperly functioning gutter systems can lead to serious basement water damage. Downspouts should direct the water from melting snow and ice at least five feet away from your home’s basement walls. If, however, the downspouts are bent or if the gutters themselves are clogged, water can splash directly onto the foundation instead. Over time, this can result in mold growth, crumbling stone, and other structural problems. 

Take a look at your sump pump

Before winter arrives every year, it is wise to inspect your home’s sump pump. If the hose has low areas where water could pool, you should consider having a professional see what can be done to level the ground. Otherwise, you run the risk of water freezing and causing a back-up which could, in turn, lead to a variety of other issues. 

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