How to Protect Your Home’s Foundation

No matter the size or design, every home needs a solid foundation on which to stand. If your home isn’t built on a strong foundation, serious problems can occur, and you may find that your home lacks the stability to stand firm on its own and against the elements. Your home’s foundation could become weakened over time and especially if it wasn’t done properly in the first place. If you wish to preserve the foundation, you must remain proactive to prevent foundation damage. Here’s a look at some things that you can do to protect your home’s foundation.

Check Your Home’s Perimeter

Looking for signs of breakage or cracking or breakage is the point to begin. Also, ensure that your siding or other exterior coverings sit roughly six inches above the base of your foundation. Remove any debris that could diminish the foundation’s clearance and create the environment for moisture to develop and invade the top portion of your foundation. 

Keep Ground Slopes Away From Your Foundation

It’s important that your ground slopes are at a distance from your home’s foundation. This is crucial to allow runoff water to flow efficiently away from your home rather than seeping into the foundation. Do your best to keep the ground away from your home.

See if Water is Pooling in the Proximity of the Foundation

You can check for pooling in two ways. One is checking for pooling following a substantial rainfall, or two, using a hose to spray water at different points around the home. If pooling occurs at a certain point, eliminate the water and remedy the cause by filling in the spot where the pooling occurs with dirt or the appropriate compound.

Assess Changes Around Your Property

Changes can happen on or around your property that could affect your home’s foundation. It’s possible that your neighbor’s new landscaping, drainage system, or new construction excavation underground could negatively impact your home’s foundation. If you are affected by any of these property changes, you must take the necessary measures to fix the problem and minimize the risk of ruining your foundation.  

Clean and Inspect Downspout and Gutters

Perform routine cleaning of your gutters and downspouts yearly, and be sure to dispose of the debris away from the home to prevent pooling. Check your gutters for cracks, corrosion, holes, and gaps, and ensure that the gutters are properly pitched and routed to facilitate efficient and proper water flow through them properly.


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