How to Prevent Masonry Damage

Masonry is an important home infrastructure constructed with stones, bricks, and other materials. However, these structures begin to degrade as they age, and restoring them to their former glory can be a tad difficult. If you have masonry at home (or you are looking to have one) and you are looking for ways to preserve its aesthetic and waterproofing, here are some ways to go about it. 

Invest in standard joint materials 

Substandard masonry materials are one of the common causes of masonry damage. We advise you to choose proper mortar and grout to ensure the bricks and stones are held together tightly. 

Prevent or control water runoff

Water is an enemy of any mortar and brickwork project, so ensure you avoid consistent water runoff on your masonry. You can do this by checking your rain gutters are installed correctly and free from any debris. Likewise, inspect your water drainage system for leakages that can affect your masonry. 

Repair any cracks immediately

If you are looking to save money in the future, start by repairing any cracks you see in your masonry. If left unchecked, these cracks can expand into larger irreparable caveats that can cost a fortune to repair.

Remove weed growth

Plants can grow anywhere, and even your masonry is no match for them. Although you may not see these creeping plants for some years, they can suddenly appear from nowhere, and removing them can be difficult. These plants can compromise the integrity of your masonry because their roots run deep into the breaks, presenting the opportunity for wear and tear. Ensure you remove these plants from your bricks by searching for the roots. This stops their growth for a while and protects your masonry. 

Use a masonry sealant

Your mansory can benefit a lot if you use a masonry sealant. A masonry sealant is a simple, long-lasting solution that prevents penetrating dampness and protects the wall from dirt and debris. They are often made from water-based silane and are environmentally friendly. In simpler terms, they make your masonry waterproof. 

Ensure regular masonry maintenance

There is no better way to prevent damage than maintaining the mansory from future damage. There are different kinds of masonry maintenance, and they include;

Patching Brick: This is a common mansory maintenance technique that is used in repairing an already damaged brick wall. It involves filling the caveats with multi-purpose patching cement and attaching the loose bricks to the walls with a tuck-pointing trowel. 

Reinforcing Stucco: Stucco wires are mesh-like decorative coatings used in brick walls to ensure the structure remains rigid. When brick walls fall apart, the Stucco gets damaged and needs to be repaired before a new brick can be attached. 

How Bruno Guerriero Construction Inc. can help

Did you know applying mortar isn’t just about slapping concrete with brick walls? It is a unique art that requires the expertise of a professional like Bruno Guerriero Construction Inc. We provide expert masonry repair and restoration services. Reach out to us if you have any issues regarding abstract mansory, mortar, or stucco repairs! Give us a call or fill out our online contact form.