How Often Should Your Masonry Be Maintenanced?

One of the many reasons masonry is so popular is because of its incredible durability. When masonry is done correctly, it will withstand even the harshest conditions. While masonry may not need as much maintenance as other materials, some care is necessary. 

Learn how you can properly maintain masonry to extend the lifespan of the build, improve the appearance, and preserve a little piece of history. 


The first step to properly maintaining your masonry is a basic cleaning routine. Most bricks should be cleaned twice per year or more as needed. Clean the brick by spraying it with a garden hose with a spray head attachment. This will remove surface-level dirt and debris from the brick. Don’t attempt to clean your brick with a pressure washer! While professional cleaners may use a higher pressured machine, it’s very easy to damage the brick if you’re inexperienced. 

If there are areas of brick with vegetation growing, remove them by scrubbing with a solution of 1 cup of bleach and 1 gallon of water. Synthetic bristle brushes are ideal for this job. Using a wire brush can lead to discoloration on the bricks from metal residue that turns to rust.

Cleaning masonry yourself becomes more impractical if you have a large structure. In this case, cleaning can become a lengthy process that is a hassle to turn into a DIY job. By hiring someone to clean the masonry for you, you’ll save hours of time and a whole lot of effort!

Inspecting the Brick

Masonry should be inspected annually for signs of water damage. Water damage can happen due to rising water levels near the base of the masonry or water damage from continued exposure to rain. Luckily, making repairs is relatively easy when you notice the early warning signs of damage during an annual inspection.

You can attempt to inspect the brick yourself. If you do, make a note of any areas that look different from the rest. If you want the most thorough and dependable inspection, hire a masonry contractor to take a look. As an added bonus, they can quickly perform any repairs that are needed!

Tuckpointing Brick

When the mortar between bricks is damaged, tuckpointing is the solution. Tuckpointing begins by carefully removing the damaged mortar from between bricks. Next, a detailed layering process is used to apply new mortar. This simple solution can prevent further damage to masonry and bring new life to old bricks!

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