How Often Should Your Building Have Masonry Maintenance?

Masonry can be one of the most durable and famous building materials that add a beautiful look to your site. But like any other building material, masonry also requires maintenance to make it last long and look visually appealing. In this guide, we will discuss why it is necessary to maintain masonry and how often you should maintain it.

Why is it Important to Maintain Masonry?

Maintenance of masonry is important to make it last a long time to protect it. With time, masonry tends to wear and tear due to weather conditions such as humidity. It may crack up or slightly get off the place, affecting its stability. Regular maintenance of it can help avoid it and help repair it before major repairs are required. 

The Process of Masonry Maintenance:

  1. Inspection

Masonry should be regularly inspected to see where things might be going wrong and where maintenance is required so only that area is focused. Professionals know their work better, and they should be inspecting it carefully. 

During the inspection, the inspector carefully monitors the areas and notes any signs or damage. They address the issues and give their recommendations based on what they find. 

The integrity of the masonry must be preserved, and further damage must be avoided when problems are found during a masonry inspection. Professionals with training and experience in restoration methods should handle exterior masonry restorations. To stop water intrusion and subsequent masonry degradation, minor cracks, gaps, and spalling should be fixed as soon as they are found.

  1. The Maintenance Process Itself

Re-pointing, which entails removing and replacing broken mortar, and patching, which is mending tiny fractures or holes in the masonry, are two examples of masonry repairs. The results of masonry inspections and the seriousness of the problems determine how frequently exterior masonry needs to be repaired. Prompt repairs can help the brickwork last longer and prevent more significant and expensive restorations.

The process of inspections is the initial stage of maintenance services since they aid in the early detection of any problems and offer suggestions for repairs or upkeep. It is essential to regularly clean the masonry surfaces to get rid of pollutants, filth, and other things that might build up and harm the surfaces over time. The location of the structure and its susceptibility to environmental elements like pollution, dust, or saltwater will determine how frequently it is cleaned.

The maintenance service will also involve repairs, restoration, inspections, and cleaning. Repairs could include caulking cracks and gaps, repointing mortar joints, and handling other problems found during inspections.

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