How Freezing & Thawing Impacts Your Foundation

Water is a major damaging factor when it comes to home repairs. It may seem like water isn’t anything to worry about during winter, but this isn’t true. Water causes damage throughout the whole year. During winter, the solid state of ice doesn’t cause minor damage than water in its liquid state. 

This blog will explain how freezing and thawing impact your foundation and how you can prevent the damage. 

What Freezing and Thawing Does to Your Foundation

When water freezes and thaws in the soil surrounding your foundation, it can lead to cracks in your foundation. Moisture left in the pores of concrete foundation expands when it freezes to ice or snow. Due to the porosity of concrete, the expansion of water when it freezes also causes the concrete foundation to expand.

When the ice melts, the spaces that water has penetrated will contract. This makes the foundation degenerate, which gradually creates crevices and cracks. The cracks become more significant as the freezing-thawing process continues yearly, thus causing bigger problems affecting the strength of your foundation.

The Impact of Soil Moisture on Your Foundation

As snow and ice melt, it affects the moisture in the soil. A reduction in the soil moisture around the foundation of your home can make the foundation settle. Whenever soil moisture reduces during any period of the year, it can lead to issues with your home’s foundation. 

Watering the lawn around your home is a way to prevent moisture loss in the soil. Signs of moisture loss are gaps and cracks in the ground. Ensuring a balance in the moisture of the soil around your foundation all year long helps maintain the foundation’s strength. 

Signs that Your Foundation Might be Affected by Freezing and Thawing

Suppose your home is located in an area with a high water table. In that case, it increases the chances of issues caused by freezing and thawing. Poorly drained soil also creates problems for your foundation. If the foundation around your home is surrounded by clay soil, the chances of ice forming in the soil around your foundation are more.

How to Minimize the Risks of the Impacts of Freezing and Thawing

To minimize the risks of the impacts of freezing and thawing on your foundation, ensure your property is well graded. Your land’s grading should be done to lead water away from your foundation. Keep a well-maintained guttering system all through the year. 


Waterproofing is a protocol that experts use to keep cracks from increasing during freezing and thawing. Inspections are essential to make sure your foundation is in good shape. Ensure to seek evaluation for your foundation from experts. Look out for verified, accredited, insured, and reputable experts before you engage their services. BGC offers expert evaluation, repair, and waterproofing services for your foundation. Contact Bruno Guerriero Construction for the most suitable recommendation by experienced professionals to keep your foundation healthy and strong.