How Do You Deal with Bulging Brick?

If you have bulging bricks in your home or other essential property, then you should learn how to deal with bulging bricks and their causes.

What Causes Bulging Bricks?

Bulging denotes the unusual curves onto the exterior brick walls of a structure. This outward leaning, curve, bulge, or bowing is the result of the wall’s instability. Here are some common causes for bulging bricks.

  • Rusty wall anchors
  • Mortar Damage/ Deterioration
  • Wall joints dysfunction/ deterioration
  • Humid Walls
  • Water infiltration/ seepage into the cracks of the wall or foundation
  • Wall coating detachment

How to Detect Bulging Bricks?

First and foremost, a visual inspection can help in the easy detection of bulging bricks on any structure’s walls. Moreover, if you find that the windows are fitting abnormally into the wall, i.e., they are going in the walls in an unusual manner, this may be a sign of bulging bricks in the structure.

Inspect, do the bricks seem to appear higher in the structure wall? If they do, that’s another sign. Also, do the doors not open and close smoothly? Don’t ignore this sign. You can use other detection techniques to identify the problem.

How to Deal with Bulging Bricks?

Dealing with commercial or residential structures’ problems, such as bulging bricks, requires you to follow the government’s codes and regulations. The initial process involves the determination of the level of deterioration and damage done to the entire structure.

We understand your concerns in terms of repair cost, time, and energy. Of course, unless you are an excellent mason yourself, you cannot handle bulging and bowing walls of your property yourself.

If the bugling is excessive, it may require complete reconstruction, which means more costly repairs. Moreover, it is entirely probable that the mason might suggest the removal of only the bulging bricks from the complete structure. However, this won’t be as costly as the reconstruction of the structure.

Often, masons might solidify and fortify the bulging bricks to prevent the weakening of the entire structure. Although the masonry company experts will lay out quotes and options to deal with the bulging bricks of your property, do consider the costs and time it will take for completion.


There are no simple and ideal ways to deal with bulging bricks other than seeking professional help. For that reason, Bruno Guerriero Construction is at your service to provide the best masonry services. The company possesses adequate knowledge, expertise, and a highly trained staff. We meet the highest standards when providing stairs, walls, bricks, and sidewalk repairs. Contact us here for more information