How do French Drains Work?

There might be permanent damp spots in your yard. This can be a case of water standing for long hours, especially when there is excessive rain. Several measures can help you prevent your yard and leakage in your basement. Also, knowing the basics might help.

French drains help divert the water from your home. If the water stays on the soil too long, it can sag and damp the yard permanently and internally. Moreover, basement leakage and flooding can become recurring problems. French drains help keep your house free of dampening spots and water seepage with a perforated pipe and gravel. 

What is a French Drain?

In simple words, the French drain collects water and directs it towards an external collection source similar to any other drain system. It uses a perforated pipe in the ground, which is a wide chute that collects excess water and ensures smooth draining of the affected areas. For smoothness in drainage, the pipe faces into the ground with gravel at the top. So you don’t have to worry about the aesthetics of your yard.

It is true that open ditches and drains like those for stormwater are effective and divert excess water. However, you might not want an open ditch close to your house, right? The French drains are an effective water collection and diversion system. While the drainage system is less wide, it effectively minimizes the water damage to a particular area.

How Does the French Drain Work?

Do you wish to learn how the modern French drains work? You can place them near the retaining walls to prevent the up-heaving and further damage. Once they are properly functional, they prevent water leakage in the basement as well.

They allow water flow and begin in your yard with their face to the surface. Still, you might not see the pipe due to the gravel-filled trench. Water runs through this trench and into the perforated pipe at the bottom. Following that, water flows freely towards a safe distance from your house. Depending on various factors, the French drain in your house may take the water to different sources and spots:

  • Dry well
  • Drainage ditch
  • Street
  • Low-lying property area


Do you wish to install a French drain around your basement? It can help you solve water problems and prevent any damage to the entire structure effectively. You should seek the help of only the best professionals around you. Bruno Guerriero Construction delivers outstanding basement-related and similar services for many house owners.

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