Have Your Basement Waterproofed This Winter

You’ll be spending more time inside of your home with the winter weather approaching, and that may include going through items left in your basement for storage. If your basement is unfinished, making sure the walls and foundation are waterproofed can go a long way towards keeping everyone healthy and avoiding breathing in too much dust. With soil temperatures hovering in the mid-50s for much of the winter, your basement will be kept at a warmer temperature than the exterior of your home, which is perfect for waterproofing.

The Concrete Stays Dry

Between the soil temperature and the temperature within your home, the concrete will be kept dry throughout the winter, making it the best time to complete the project. Low humidity and temperatures will prevent snow from melting, so water will not be running through the cracks in your foundation and into your basement. Combined with heat from your furnace, the stone foundation will be able to dry out quickly between storms. Since the basement will be dry, you will be able to have a contractor come in to inspect the foundation and walls and prepare for waterproofing before the snow begins to melt and the rainy season begins.

Preventing Leaks

As the snow melts or is washed away by rain, the soil surrounding your home will absorb the excess moisture, which will be able to penetrate your walls through cracks and minuscule pores that make up the concrete, acting as a sponge. If enough water is soaked through the walls, leaks can form in your basement, affecting your floors and potentially causing mold growth and stains on some of your possessions. Scheduling an appointment for waterproofing while the basement is dry will prevent these concerns come spring.

Basement, Foundation & Stone Waterproofing in Boston, Cambridge & Somerville MA

If you are interested in having your basement waterproofed this winter, contact Bruno Guerriero Construction today! We will be able to go to your home, assess the mason work and perform any repairs or waterproofing you need, keeping your home structurally sound this spring. Bruno Guerriero Construction can be reached by calling (800) 444-5476 or by filling out our online contact form.