Common Causes of Masonry Damage

Despite the rise of other building materials, masonry buildings continue to be widely used across all economic sectors.

Despite these benefits, there are several causes for masonry deterioration. Property owners need to know the reasons behind this damage to solve the issue.

Moisture Permeation

Moisture is a detrimental factor in any brick building. In a short time, masonry walls exposed to the weather may get waterlogged and become unsafe.

When water seeps through a masonry or stone wall, it freezes and thaws, putting pressure on the surface. When water seeps inside a building, it threatens the masonry and the surrounding assemblage, such as the steel, woodwork, ports, and doorways.


Broken masonry is an all-too-common problem with buildings. They might develop because of shifting ground or water seepage.

Joints may also break due to improper mortar preparation. Also, damage to a masonry wall or structure may occur when it is subjected to the stress of a natural disaster like an earthquake or flood.


The outside walls of a building made of masonry are particularly vulnerable to staining. It’s a huge issue for homeowners who care about their property’s visual attractiveness.

As soon as bricks, stones, or mortar come into touch with water, oil, or dirt, the result is a permanent stain. The most common reasons for masonry staining are water leakage and the natural deterioration of walls.

Bond Destruction

The bricks and stones must be intact for a masonry building to maintain its integrity and strength. However, a frequent issue in buildings is the separation of these substances. It causes the top layers to peel, flake, or show signs of bulging and shredding.

At least once a year, have a professional inspector look around to make sure everything is okay with the structure.


Damage to masonry structures is often caused by displacement, which is not only discomfort but a serious issue.

Usually, this happens when there needs to be more structural support. For example, the corrosion and subsequent weakening of the steel support system will inevitably lead to movement. Recognizing this impact is as simple as seeing a change in the kind of bricks or stones used.


Spalling is the process through which bricks or stones fall out of a masonry wall. It’s an issue brought on by repeated wetting, freezing, and thawing cycles. Likewise, masonry wall tension might bring up the same problem.

Neglected Upkeep

Brick walls may seem indestructible, but they still need regular upkeep. Taking good care of them is essential if you want them to last as long as possible, just like any other material possession.

A chimney should be inspected regularly based on the frequency of its usage. Also, if your chimney is leaking or emitting a weird stench, it’s time to bring in the professionals.


When cracks are seen in masonry, you must take immediate action to fix them. Sometimes, a little problem may develop into a significant catastrophe. If your home has suffered masonry damage, would you want some help fixing it? For assistance, you should contact our experts at Bruno Guerriero Construction Inc. 

We can take care of any masonry job, from repairing concrete to repointing bricks to repointing chimneys. We have been in business for over a decade, making them a safe bet for any masonry repair job, whether at home or a company. Give us a call today or fill out our online contact form!