Causes of Basement Moisture

It’s not a secret that basements are notoriously dark, humid, and uninviting. That mindset leads many homeowners to become neglectful about the moisture in their basement. Understanding what causes basement moisture will make it easier for you to identify it before it turns into a bigger issue like mold or structural damage. Once the cause of the basement moisture has been identified, it can be corrected to prevent future moisture issues

Foundation Cracks

Your foundation is quite literally the most important part of your home. Without a foundation, you wouldn’t have a home! Unfortunately, foundation cracks can form over time for a variety of reasons. From floor joists being improperly installed to water accumulation around the exterior of your foundation, the cause of the crack will need to be found and repaired. Once the cause of the crack has been dealt with, the crack will need to be sealed and repaired. You shouldn’t have any more issues with water entering the basement once your foundation has been repaired and the cause of the crack has been addressed. 

Poor Gutter Maintenance 

Do you know when you last cleaned out your gutters? If not, it’s probably been too long! Your gutter system should be cleaned and inspected at least twice each year. Ideally, once in the spring and once in the fall before winter. When gutters aren’t cleaned, they become backed up with debris. That debris prevents the flow of water through the gutter system. This causes the water to overflow and settle around the foundation of your home. When gutters are cleaned and working properly, the water is routed safely away from your foundation to prevent moisture in the basement and possible foundation issues. Regular gutter cleaning gives you the opportunity to identify and repair any damaged areas of the gutter system too. 

A lot of people turn gutter maintenance into a DIY project, but it’s not as simple as it seems. Hiring a professional to come clean and inspect your gutters twice per year is the best way to ensure they’re being adequately cared for to prevent water issues in your basement. 

Interior Water Leak 

An interior water leak is a best-case scenario in terms of a moist basement. The water leak can be identified and repaired by a plumber, typically without breaking the bank. Interior water leaks are more likely to create a puddle of water in your basement directly below your water lines, rather than just excess moisture in the air. 

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