Masonry & Waterproofing Services in Brighton, MA

Our team at Bruno Guerriero Construction is proud to serve the Boston neighborhood of Brighton with our masonry, waterproofing, and foundation repair services. Brighton is a densely populated neighborhood that is home to about 45,000 residents. It’s conveniently located on the Green Line of the MBTA with easy access to downtown Boston. This historic neighborhood is very diverse with a mix of renters, homeowners, and students alike. It’s got a ton of beautiful brick and historic architecture making it a place that we work frequently. Contact our team at Bruno Guerriero Construction in Brighton today to start your project.

Masonry Services in Brighton, MA

At Bruno Guerriero Construction, our team is expert masons specializing in all things brick and stone. We can help your Brighton home look beautiful again by repairing or replacing your staircase or walkway. Our services don’t end there though, we also work with walls, patios chimneys & more to make your home look neat and refined on the exterior again. 

We can help make your outdoor space an oasis by building a patio and exterior that you’re proud of. It can be a great place to convene outdoors with your family and friends. Our team at Bruno Guerriero Construction can design and build an outdoor space to complete your home or property in Brighton.

In addition to our hardscaping services in masonry, we also repair foundations and basements as well. Moisture can often cause damage to the home’s foundations, especially over time. This can be dangerous to your foundation if cracks form and land can shift. Our expert team at Bruno Guerriero Construction in Brighton can tackle these difficult projects, repairing the foundation to make the home safe and habitable again. Don’t hesitate if you think you’ve got a problem with moisture in your foundation or basement. Contact our team at Bruno Guerriero Construction in Brighton today to get started. 

Basement & Foundation Waterproofing in Brighton, MA

Other top services that our team at Bruno Guerriero Construction in Brighton offers are basement and foundation waterproofing. These areas of your home are prone to damage when it rains and snows, especially when large snowbanks and against your home. It’s quite common for water to leak into basements and the more water, the faster the issues can escalate. Your basement and more importantly your foundation is crucial in the structural integrity of your home. Our team has been in business for over 25 years, so we’ve seen just about every situation imaginable when it comes to foundations and basements. Contact us in Brighton today to learn more about our basement and foundation waterproofing services.

Bruno Guerriero Construction in Brighton, MA

Our team at Bruno Guerriero Construction prides itself in keeping Boston residents and residents of Greater Boston homes safe and dry all year long rain or shine. Contact us today in Brighton to get started