Masonry Restoration, Installation, and Waterproofing Services in Braintree, Massachusetts

Expert Masonry and Waterproofing Services in Braintree, Massachusetts

Bruno Guerriero Construction Inc. is proud to be the team of experts Braintree residents and businesses turn to for masonry installation, restoration, and waterproofing services. 

Masonry Restoration Services in Braintree, MA

All masonry work in Braintree is at risk of being exposed to the Massachusetts elements: wind, rain, snow, and more. Though masonry is durable, over time, you may notice some deterioration. Whether it be cracks in your stonework, crumbling brick and mortar, or other signs of damage, BGC is who to call when you are in need of masonry repair. We also specialize in masonry restoration. If you have a historic home or business in need of restoration services, our expert team will work carefully to bring back its original beauty. For the best masonry repair and restoration services in the Greater Boston area, reach out to our team today! 

Masonry Installation Services in Braintree, MA

If you are looking to add masonry to your home or business front, BGC specializes in masonry installation services of all kinds. From front steps to backyard hardscapes, we will work closely with you to design and install the masonry project you have been dreaming of. 

Foundation and Basement Repair and Waterproofing Services in Braintree, MA

It is crucial that your home or business’ foundation and basement are always in their best shape possible. If there is damage or water entering your home through your basement or foundation, it can lead to much more serious problems. We offer complete foundation repairs to ensure that your home or business is completely safe from further damage and this happening again. 

Waterproofing Services in Braintree, MA

We are one of the only waterproofing services in the Greater Boston area that provides waterproofing for your home that does not require heavy machinery in order to minimize disruption to your landscape and around your home. This state-of-the-art waterproofing system guarantees that your home will be safe from water entering and further water damage for years to come! 

If there is water entering through your basement, we offer French drain installation services in order to combat this from happening. French drain systems are one of the most effective methods of waterproofing. 

We also offer masonry waterproofing services. If you have existing masonry or plan to work with us to install a masonry project, we offer masonry waterproofing services in order to best prevent damage and make your masonry look as good as new for as long as possible. 

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Our expert team at BGC looks forward to working with homeowners and businesses in Braintree to provide expert masonry installation, repair and restoration, and waterproofing services. To learn more about our services or to set up a consultation today, give us a call or fill out our online contact form