Benefits of Waterproofing Your Concrete

Concrete is a popular, low-cost, and easy to install construction material. It is also durable and requires no maintenance even with heavy usage. Concrete is also water-resistant and suffers little from exposure to water drips and rain.

There are several benefits attached to waterproofing your concrete. Let’s check them out.

Strengthens the Deck 

Despite how strong concrete is, when exposed to water and other elements for long, it can begin to wear down. For concrete patios near pools and spas, this effect will be seen first.

To reduce this effect, it would help if you waterproof your deck. This will reduce damage inside the structure and limit water disturbance.

Eradicate Mold Growth 

Decks and patios that are not waterproofed can suffer from mold and mildew growth on the internal structure. If left alone, this can cause health consequences. To eliminate this and prevent harmful substances from growing inside the concrete, you should waterproof your concrete.

Low Maintenance Costs 

Mold growth is not the only issue associated with water effects on concrete. You will also discover structural weakening, shifting, cracks, foundation slipping, and many more as time goes on. All of these can lead to high cost and maintenance issues.

And as you would have guessed, waterproofing your concrete from the onset will greatly reduce the occurrence of such events and cut down on maintenance costs.

High Property Value 

The value of a property is determined based on a few determinants. But chief of those is the appearance and shape in which the property is. If and when you decide to sell your property, a well-kept and waterproofed structure will command more funds than one that wasn’t taken care of.

Waterproofing your concrete adds value to your property as it keeps it in shape.

Adds Beauty to Your Property

One of the highlights of waterproofed concrete is the beauty it adds to your property or home. There is an absence of crack, stains, and neglect that is common with concrete that has been left to suffer in the elements for years. This alone helps anyone see that you care about your property and adds beauty to it.


Concrete waterproofing extends the structure lifespan and aid in minimizing repair costs. If water penetrates the concrete and gets to the steel, it rusts and results in weakening of the structure. This is not so in a well-waterproofed concrete.

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