Basement Leaks? Here’s Why

Basement leaks are a big inconvenience when they happen. Not only can basement leaks lead to costly damage to your belongings, but it can also quickly become a health hazard. Basement leaks are incredibly frustrating, but do you know why they happen? Identifying the cause of your basement leaks makes it easier to prevent them in the future and save you tons of time and money! Let’s check out some of the most common causes of basement leaks. 

Foundation Cracks

Finding a crack or hole in your foundation isn’t always easy, but once you find it you can fix the problem. It’s best to hire a professional if you suspect a foundation crack. They will be able to identify the crack with minimal damage to your drywall. For protection against future cracks, you can invest in reinforced wall liners. While these liners can’t prevent cracks from happening, they can save your drywall when a crack occurs. 

Window Wells

Basement windows have to have window drains to prevent water flooding into the window well. During a heavy rain, check your window well for standing water. If water isn’t draining from the window, look to make sure a window drain is present. If there is, try to test it with a garden hose to see if it’s working or not. If there is no window drain, contact a basement professional ASAP to get one installed. 

Gutter Maintenance 

The more standing water around your foundation, the higher the risk of damage and erosion that can lead to a basement flood. You should clean your gutters twice a year to remove any debris and ensure the gutters are in working order. Once you’ve cleaned away the debris, flush water through the gutter with a hose to look for any remaining clogs. Then, it’s time to address the downspout. A downspout extender is a helpful tool to keep water away from the foundation of your home and drain it in a safer area. 

If you’re battling persistent basement leaks and you can’t identify the cause, contacting a basement professional is the best course of action. They can assess the situation to let you know if a waterproofing system or other more permanent fixes is necessary to keep basement leaks at bay in your home. Contact Bruno Guerriero Construction today for help with all of your waterproofing needs.