An Overview of Masonry Restoration

An Overview of Masonry Restoration

Buildings constructed using masonry are beautiful and durable. But even masonry needs upkeep to stay strong and look great. When masonry needs to be repaired, touched up, or refaced, a masonry contractor can do masonry restoration to make the building look great and repair any damage. 

What is Masonry Restoration?

Masonry restoration is the repair or maintenance of brick and stone buildings. Both brick homes and brick commercial buildings need periodic masonry restoration. Sometimes, all that’s needed is some cosmetic restoration to restore the building’s appearance. But in other cases, the masonry may need repair that will fit into the style of the existing masonry. That takes the skilled hand of an experienced masonry contractor. 

How Masonry Restoration Works

Masonry restoration is painstaking work that must be done by an experienced professional. First, the contractor will remove any damaged or worn bricks. Then, they will apply custom-tinted mortar that matches the existing color of the building. After the repair is done, the entire thing will be sealed to protect it from the elements and future damage. 

Matching existing masonry can be quite a process. The masonry contractors must make sure that the color, texture, and shape of the bricks match the original brick. And they have to match the mortar as well. 

The Most Common Methods of Masonry Restoration

There are several different methods masonry contractors can use to repair existing masonry:


Tuckpointing is a process in which the contractor uses two different colors of mortar in the joints of brickwork. One color matches the existing masonry, and the other is a newer color. The two colors together create more visual symmetry. 


Repointing is an intricate process in which a masonry expert uses an angle grinder to remove damaged mortar in horizontal joints. Then, the joints are filled in with new mortar that matches the existing mortar in color and texture. Repointing is a structural repair, not just cosmetic. 

Brick Replacement

Brick replacement is a cost-effective solution for fixing problem areas instead of changing all the masonry on a home or building. But, because the bricks have to be matched precisely it can be time-intensive. 

High-Pressure Chemical Cleaning

Masonry contractors can give your home a face-lift with a high-pressure chemical cleaning that breaks up buildup, pollutants, and stains on brick buildings. This will make your home look brand new and lengthen the life of the brick by getting rid of mold and other pollutants. 

Do You Need Masonry Restoration for Your Building?

Even well-maintained brick buildings need periodic cleaning and maintenance. Ignoring damaged brick or other issues can weaken the structural integrity of the building. If it’s been a long time since your home or commercial building had any masonry restoration done, call Bruno Guerriero Construction Inc. today.

Bruno Guerriero Construction Inc. is the local leader in masonry restoration and can repair damage as well as reface or clean existing masonry! To learn more, call us today or fill out our online contact form for a free estimate.