5 Popular Brick Walkway Options

Adding a brick walkway to your landscape is the perfect way to not only add to its value but also make it more aesthetically pleasing. With dozens of different patterns, styles, designs, and shapes to consider, it can be difficult to pick out the perfect fit for your home. Let’s look at 5 popular brick walkway options that you should consider.

Straight Brick Walkway

Simple and straight to the point. A straight walkway allows for easy access to the destination. They are normally wider than other kinds of walkways and allow for you to develop the area around the walkway instead of it being one of the main attractions. For example, you may see flowers spilling over the edges as part of the overall landscape.

Curved Brick Walkway

Curved walkways are meant to leave the final destination as more of a mystery. The path itself is part of the artistic creation and you may see the border layered with a different color or different type of brick.

Mosaic Pattern Brick Walkway

One of the more unique walkway options, a mosaic pattern offers an entirely different feel to your landscape. It is meant to be more free-flowing and less rigid. You may see shrubbery overhanging and the brick finish not clean-cut, giving somewhat of a random effect.

Bordered Herringbone

Brick can appear both casual and formal depending on how it is laid out. The Bordered Herringbone can give you more a formal look. It consists of bricks layered along the outside acting as a border.

Aged Brick Walkway

An aged brick walkway has less to do with the formation or shape and more so the feel. It is meant to give your walkway an older, more comforting feel than some of the newer designs that may catch your eye. Depending on how old your house is, an aged brick walkway could be a perfect compliment.

Bruno Guerriero Construction

If you are looking to have your walkway redone, contact Bruno Guerriero Construction. We will design you a custom walkway that will match your home and landscape perfectly.